Pearl Cherrington

Chasing Light Photography

Photography allows me to capture an image, in the moment, not earlier, not later. I feel as if time stands still when the shutter snaps. Black and white photography is what inspires me the most. That is how I started out, shooting with film, processing it, and printing the images. However, I frequently capture the beauty of the Methow Valley in color, now using digital, although I still have my film cameras handy.

I started taking photographs in 1973 when I took every photography course offered at the University of Kansas in the schools of fine art, journalism, and architecture. Influences include Edward Westin, Minor White, and Imogen Cunningham. Other influences include abstract and impressionistic artists, Chinese art, and photographers. In 1977 I moved to Seattle and worked in photography labs and studios for 12 years. I was inspired by many Northwest photographers whose work I saw on daily basis. After Seattle, I moved to the Methow Valley in North Central Washington. I reside outside Twisp and gain much inspiration from living in a country setting near the mountains.

I have been exploring alternative methods of using my photographic images. Some of those methods are photo image transfers, cyanotype and brown tone photographs, and printing black and white or color images on artist’s papers. Image transfer means that a photocopied image is transferred to artist’s paper. Cyanotypes and brown tone prints are made with an emulsion spread on paper and then exposed by the sun. These alternative printing methods allow me to use various mediums on my photos such as colored pencils, charcoal, watercolor, and acrylic paints. I also use transparent papers to add texture to the image. I have become quite interested in creating layers with an image; those layers are created by hand, working on the print directly. This gives me the most satisfaction rather than creating layers by computer.

These alternative methods create an element of surprise and an image that I’ve used before can become something entirely different. The pieces created are unique and no two are alike.

In addition to the Winthrop Gallery, my work can be viewed at selected exhibits at the Confluence Gallery in Twisp, Wa. and occasionally other venues.

Enjoy the view!