Lauralee Northcott

I am a professional musician, and so I was quite shocked when I began weaving baskets to find that my hands just love the work. Never having created anything this way before, learning to weave has been a journey of discovery and joy.

During my first summer in the Methow Valley, I fell in love with the smell of pine trees. For my first two summers, I camped out all season. The heady smell of hot pine needles in the summer heat is a treasure to my senses. I was inspired to learn to weave from a friend, and was soon smitten by fine baskets!

I am equally taken by the variety and beauty of stone, gems, and beads. I love to work with colors, textures, and various threads to create as beautiful a basket as I can possibly create. I am especially happy with making valet trays, a special place to keep your pocket tools for the night!

I want people who buy my baskets to take a piece of the Methow Valley from my heart to theirs. I want them to smell the Methow in my pine needles. It is the scent of the season and home. They can follow the winding coils and let those coils hold memories. Here are joys and sorrows of days lived well.