Dan Brown



My work starts with a found object rather than a subject matter.  I sketch the object and the ideas of what I could do with the object.  I end up with 20 or 30 sketches.  It is a very enjoyable process.  It then takes me a few days of mulling the ideas over to decide which ideas is the one to go with.

I am amazed that the little kid who just wanted to fish and collect I insects, has cleaned butcher shops, built wheel lines for irrigation, built houses, graduated from WU with a degree in wildlife biology, taught science and art, witnessed a coup in Paraguay, hitchhiked in southern Africa, walked across Span, watched Himalayan Wrinkled Lipped Bats in Thailand, seen “Mona Lisa” and a saddle-billed stork, gets excited about growing a good garden, is delighted that people like something he crated enough to buy, and lucky enough to do most of this with a wonderful wife and son.