Sherry Malotte




       Sherry has been a photographer all her life, catching the bug in high school when she placed second in her high school’s photography contest. She went on to do other work in her career but came back to fine art photography with gusto when she attended photography school in 2012. While at school she received enthusiastic feedback from instructors for her creativity and abstract work. Since that time she has dived into alternative forms of printing and mixed media work as well as refined her eye for landscape and wildlife photography. She is a member of the Winthrop Gallery and a frequent contributor to Confluence Gallery exhibits in Twisp. Her work has been exhibited in many galleries across the United States.

           The path back to art and photography has been a spiritual journey for Sherry. She strives to portray this spiritual and emotional connection in her work which often reveals itself in themes of beauty, nature, gratitude or finding a state of wonder. She uses camera motion, focus (or not) and shutter speed to create abstract images that have energy. She uses her best images to create mixed media art that incorporates paint, collage and photo transfers. She spends many hours in nature, sometimes expecting beautiful things to happen. Her goal is that her work will connect viewers with these realms even if only for a moment.