Teri Pieper



My home is in the Methow Valley of northern Washington. I share my life with my husband Ken and two Labrador retrievers - Willow and Sky. We enjoy long summer hikes in the North Cascades and rambling in the hills during the spring and fall. Winter fun often involves various kinds of skis. I like good fresh food, trips to the beach, kayaking, road trips with Ken and the dogs with our little fiberglass camper, good coffee, red wine, campfires, the company of good friends and any time spent with my dogs. My hair isn’t always combed. Sometimes my jeans are torn. My dogs probably have muddy feet. And my car needs to be washed.

And I like being outside under the stars.

I make photos that tell stories. I document scenes in front of me. The light of the day, or the night, inspires me. My business is called Reflected Light Images because cameras capture light reflected off the subject. My photography reflects my love for the natural world where I get my inspiration.

I photograph the night sky, the natural world around me, dogs, weddings, and other events.

My father was a journalist and he taught me about photography from an early age. I cannot remember a time when I did not have a camera to use. Because of that, I have a journalistic eye. I like my images to tell a story.

My website is www.teripieper.com

My Instagram feed is @tjpieper

My Everyday Photos are at https://myeverydayphotos.com/