Rod Weagant




          For the last 50 years, landscape artist Rod Weagant has been documenting the powerful beauty of Western North America from the Mexican Border to the wilds of Northern Yukon.  His goal is to record the pure essence of the land as it is and be attuned to the way nature affects the human character4.

          Over the course of his career, Rod has been represented by galleries from Taos NM to Fairbanks AK.  He has had over 50 one-man shows including seven museum shows. He has given many workshops on Plein-Aire painting and views the encouragement and guidance of less experienced artists as an important aspect of his life.

      Rod is currently represented by galleries in Anchorage AK, Bainbridge Island WA, and by Sun Mountain Gallery and Winthrop Gallery in the Methow Valley.  He has a small gallery in his home studio near Twisp WA, where he welcomes visitors when he is not out painting.