Paula Christen


       Paula Christen creates watercolors with a focus on northwest landscapes. Growing up on US National Fish Hatcheries and working college summers as a fire lookout, she communicates a love of open landscapes throughout her paintings.

     Paula believes we benefit from the practice of being in nature.  She offers this “Our constant need to be connected electronically causes stress. It affects everyone. Taking 20 minutes to be outdoors can help relieve that and be a boost of energy for your day”

     Paula received a BA in Fine Art from Central Washington University and since 1976, she has made Winthrop her home.

Artist Statement

     I’ve discovered that my best times and brightest ideas come outdoors. Clarity and sparks of “genius” can be found in a walk around the neighborhood or hiking for the day. Even doing something as simple as enjoying morning coffee on the deck; listening to the birds can produce the same result.

     My paintings are a reminder to experience your own best by connecting to nature.